May 5, 2009

bit my chin

ok, ok, ok. It's been a while. sorry. This is my new husband. he bites chins.

Sep 9, 2008

The Protestant Bend

I'm never letting Kim ride in the blazer again...


Sep 3, 2008

Jibber Jab

I'll probably take this down later, because my father is not a Mexican and I don't wear glasses (but I used to want to).

I'm too tired to draw funny today, so I thought instead I would base this one on true events.

Next time I'll make something good.

Aug 27, 2008

In a galaxy of arbitration far, far away....

This fight actually did occur between me and Super Kim at a coffee shop just the other night.

Woo hoo crossovers!

Aug 21, 2008

She Ain't No Hemingway

Thanks Kim.

Aug 13, 2008

I hate Clowns.

I dunno.

Jul 30, 2008


Just wondering about fly thoughts.

Jul 29, 2008

Bangers and Mash #3- Super Kim is Thwarted

Based on this conversation:
KimOfTheDesert: man i've gotta take a dump, but the second it starts to come out a customer will come in and it'll sssuuuccckkk
Jessc0 White: HAHAHHAHAH
Jessc0 White: can i quote you on that?
KimOfTheDesert: of course.
KimOfTheDesert: it is but the truth
KimOfTheDesert: butt the truth.
KimOfTheDesert: butt
KimOfTheDesert: heh heh

Jul 28, 2008

Super Kim

So Kim and I decided to make a crossover, because we thought the differences in our drawing styles would be funny side by side and also our different interpretations of us as super heroes. I think it's pretty nifty myself.

She's referencing Bangers and Mash #2 by the way. (I might have been the only one not to get it.)

Check out The Adventures of Super Kim!

Joe Pesci Island

So Holly and I were giggling one night and started talking about those islands in Dubai where the guy is going to make his own and they'll look like a map of the WORLD!

This was when Holly pondered, what if you made islands that would look like people, such as "Joe Pesci" Island...

I had to draw him.

You can find the picture I used as reference HERE!