Jul 30, 2008


Just wondering about fly thoughts.

Jul 29, 2008

Bangers and Mash #3- Super Kim is Thwarted

Based on this conversation:
KimOfTheDesert: man i've gotta take a dump, but the second it starts to come out a customer will come in and it'll sssuuuccckkk
Jessc0 White: HAHAHHAHAH
Jessc0 White: can i quote you on that?
KimOfTheDesert: of course.
KimOfTheDesert: it is but the truth
KimOfTheDesert: butt the truth.
KimOfTheDesert: butt
KimOfTheDesert: heh heh

Jul 28, 2008

Super Kim

So Kim and I decided to make a crossover, because we thought the differences in our drawing styles would be funny side by side and also our different interpretations of us as super heroes. I think it's pretty nifty myself.

She's referencing Bangers and Mash #2 by the way. (I might have been the only one not to get it.)

Check out The Adventures of Super Kim!

Joe Pesci Island

So Holly and I were giggling one night and started talking about those islands in Dubai where the guy is going to make his own and they'll look like a map of the WORLD!

This was when Holly pondered, what if you made islands that would look like people, such as "Joe Pesci" Island...

I had to draw him.

You can find the picture I used as reference HERE!

Jul 24, 2008

Dry Humor

Besides B&M, I'm also starting a thing on the new Dry Cleaning gig I have. I might make both of these separate from No Heed in the future. But until that happens...

And this DID happen.

Bangers and Mash #2- Bessie

I just think flying cows are funny. Check out movies "Twister" and "Van Helsing".


Jul 23, 2008

Bangers and Mash!!

This isn't supposed to be funny, I was just dicking around with a concept of two super heroes called "Bangers and Mash", which are really me and Holly with masks on. I work at a dry cleaning store now by myself all day with about 5 max customers! So, more things like this will appear. And you'll like it. Bitches. <3