Jan 31, 2007


Wish you had more friends? And less acne?
Ever wanted to fly? Raise young? Regurgitate worms?
Girlfriend won't let you have a threesome?

Realize your dreams today through the revolutionary system called NoHeed!!
That's right, folks! Jess and Holly are firing up their mouses (mice?) to make personalized NoHeed cartoons for the first time EVAR!!

The process is simple- look for the "Make Donation" button in the sidebar, make a donation (i dunno, 5 bucks?), and tell us your name, email, favorite kind of pie, and what sort of cartoon you'd like us to draw for you. Or you know, leave it up to chance and see what we come up with. (there is a slight chance we may question your mom's virtue or your sexual orientation with this option)

Jess and Holly live in an awesome house of starving artists and one starving journalist. We've got some bills to pay off, so every donation will go to the "Let's not get Evicted, Carrboro" Fund. It's a good cause. And I can probably make it look tax-deductable.

Thanks guys: let's draw!

Ten Years Gone

New haircut for Holly, somewhat more accurate than the one before.
I like this sweater.
I think this picture is more interesting if you consider foreshortening, that my arm is spiraling out at you, rather than curving over my head and enlarging a la acid. Or Everlong.
Happy Wednesday!

Jan 29, 2007

Sir Lew gives advice...

Mark actually said this to me last night at Fuse.
I laughed much harder than I should have.