Oct 18, 2006

Run like hell.

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Oct 9, 2006

Ninja... Ninja... RAP!

Meh, I'm grouchy. Registration is a headache. I want to graduate. Graduating is hard. I have to fill out all of these stupid forms, and do all of these stupid things, and tell lies to professors, and fake cry.

And I'm sleepy!

Me, Holly and Margaret are running triviaZ tonight, hot damn. Come one come all.

RENT screwed me over as only an aids based musical can. More info later.


Oct 7, 2006


Rachael Ray.

Is the Joker.

...We hate Rachael Ray in THIS household!!

Oct 2, 2006

Adventures in Elon

Holly Calkins.

Destroyer of Sororities, Champagne, Tables, Chairs, Pillows, Parties, Cellular Phones, Kittens, Eyes.

Cunning Linguist.

I think I had fun at Holden's party last night, but I only remember 30 minutes of it due to the fact that I drank an entire bottle of Andre while waiting for the guests to arrive.

Then I apparently (I have no memory whatsoever of these things) raided the apartment next door for missing chicken, screamed at dumb bitches across the street, punched Gerry in the gut, challenged every person in the vicinity to fight, lost my shirt, yelled on the phone to Andy, blacked out, and puked on everything Holden owns AND my now non-functional cell phone. In fact I puked so hard I POPPED MY EYE. Blood spot on my eye the size of a dime.

That's right, bitches.
I partied until my EYES BLED.

Holden: "Yeah, there are certain roadblocks that keep you from being The Incredible Hulk... but when you drink... those just all float away..."