Sep 30, 2006

I swear, your Honor- she said she was 18!

Sep 28, 2006



Thanks for your patience, I'm back with gusto. bringing you pornographic, hilarious, distasteful, and true MSPaints day In and Out.

I'm a Velvet Goldmine.

Sep 25, 2006


Yep. Holly and I are continually getting more and more cracked out at the House of Awesome.

Sep 18, 2006

Praise Jesus!

Today's guest strip comes from Sir Daniel of the Delicious Nuggets.

I got a giggle.

Hope everyone likes the new banner.

We ARE going to be updating this thing more frequently soon. The thing is, we're trying to make better MS Paints than ever before... and that's a tricky thing.

Later bitches.

Sep 6, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays...




Sep 3, 2006

is there anybody out there?

After sitting out in the sun all day trying to promote The Wall auditions, and in consequence, getting horrid bright red sunburns, Holly and I had even more fun Tuesday night. We set up our audition table, hoping that someone would pop by any minute to try out. There was a huge influx of people! And, as it turned out, they were all at the Center for Dramatic Art to audition for another play that was going on right down the hall. After awhile we realized that auditions were hopeless for the evening and went to go paint a cube to promote auditions for the next day. That post complete with MS Paint pic, will have to happen tomorrow.

To be continued...