Aug 31, 2006

Holly turns 21

by Emily Morton.

our awesome housemate and a tiny, tiny bug.


Aug 24, 2006

No Dice.

This is just my general opinion on what I would like to do tomorrow.

Aug 22, 2006

Snakes on THIS Blog...

So Holly and I went to see Snakes on a Plane, as I'm sure every good, intelligent person has done as well. I haven't seen that many creative deaths since Final Destination. It had everything I could have asked for, horrible dialogue, bad characterization, SNAKE VISION!!!!

Either way, there was a GIANT snake in the movie, who couldn't have actually existed, and in my fairy fun land I own him and his name is Horatio, and I ride him around and tell him to charge at things.

Holly wore a Gorilla suit yesterday and danced around in front of people.

Life is beautiful.

Aug 16, 2006

God Damn You, Cancer!!

I.... really have no idea.

I'm truly sorry.

That is all.

Aug 11, 2006


So everyone MEET MARGARET!!!

This is a very VERY grossly exaggerated interpretation of what actually happened the other night.

I, in fact was not sticking my hand out of the window and screaming "WOOO!!" while driving. Instead I was going steadily over the speed limit at exactly 5 miles an hour, while Margaret reassured me every step of the way.

Hot times.

Dance party at our place this Sunday. If you're in the area, I recommend it!

Aug 6, 2006

Between the Bars

"Oh, there appears to be a SOLID WALL at every location the map has indicated as a smoking area. HOW MOTHERFUCKING CONVENIENT, YOU ASSHOLES!!!!"

It's safe to say that this was the most frustrating airport/plane experience of my life. And it isn't even the HALF of it.

The saga continues when our plane sits on the tarmac for an hour, our luggage takes for flippin' ever, the shuttle to the rental agency comes once every 45 minutes, and the first one is full...!
Stopped traffic on the LA highway at 2am...!!!!


EDIT: So here's some "bonus" extra storyboarding on the left over here. I drew this on the plane on my laptop in about 4 minutes. it's really quality stuff, I'm sure you can imagine.

American Women... OF THE FUTURE!

Ok, so I fucked up this post the first time. But here it is again! In all its beauty.

Jess and I helped our buddies at Contagious Media make this short film for the 48 hour film fest held recently in Greensboro. We didn't win anything, but we sure are proud of the little guy.

We think it's the Cat's Meow!

Aug 5, 2006

A.S.S. Guest Strip!!!

So this is not so much a strip as a guest draw fun time...

Everyone say hello to Neil and Daniel. They took the normal approach, whereas Holly and I tried to go all mystical and shit and become fairies and Pan? I have no idea. But we did learn one thing. Holly is terrible at the violin.

Which is why she has been exiled to California for the next 10 days.


Thanks guys! Check out After School Special's podcast, in the excellent links section.

Till next time, bitches.

Aug 3, 2006

Holly's Return

So I got OVER excited last night that Holly was going to be back home... And I kind of drank enough alcohol to kill small ponies...

So when Holly came into my room this morning all happy to be back, all I could say was "I'm sorry, I have to go to work..."

Luckily, I have gotten over my hangover, got someone to cover the rest of my shift, and am now able to play!

Close call.